Polarized Polotics! Whose to Blame?

As the years have gone on it seems that politics has become more polarized. We no longer seem to agree on the majority of things & disagree on just a few things. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground at all. You’re either with me on everything or completely against me. I don’t think all the blame lies with the electorate though! A large part comes down to the officials we seem to elect, who fan the flames! If you indulge me for a few minutes I will explain my theory. Nowadays in the US as well in the UK, the right have moved away from the center & so have the left. The right are far more anti immigration, anti LGBT & more pro isolationism than they have ever been. And even the left (who I proudly lean towards) have become far more anti big business & seems just want to stop the right doing anything just because it wasn’t their idea , rather than actually look at issues seriously and fix things for the majority, as they should. In the US the majority of Republicans want to do is stop the Democrats doing anything, hinder welfare reform, protect the super rich & isolate the US as much as possible. Rather than looking after their constituents, as they should they are trying to stop people voting freely in elections to come, make it harder for women to have the right to choose & spreading a false narrative in regards to Democrats wanting to take everyones right to own a gun!! And also using the word ‘socialism’ as if its a bad thing if everyone had affordable healthcare & earns a decent living. Then hammer them for needing government support.

And the Democrats don’t seem to be much better! Apart from delivering on the vaccination promise, they don’t seem to have done much else! The access to healthcare, has got a little better but not much. And rather than supporting each other and moving forward they just seem to think that now they’ve got in thats it. Also rather than trying to work with big business they just seem to think that blaming all the ills of society on a handful of billionaires seems to be the way forward! Do a handful of individuals have more wealth than they should without paying their fare share? Absolutely! However not every socio economic inequality, is their fault either! Also if you claim they are avoiding taxes, either charge them with tax evasion or maybe close the loopholes they’re abusing!

You can be a Republican who wants a strong defense, smaller government, pro business without being a xenophobic, women rights hating , conspiracy theorist. And you can be a Democrat who wants Affordable Healthcare for all, Green new deal & create a stronger fairer economy without alienating every moderate republican or undecided voter & just blaming big business as well companies who are job creators for everything!

I'm a British with Iranian heritage living in the US. Its fair to say I don't stay still for long. A part time dog loving activist living with Grace - Cat/Diva)