As the years have gone on it seems that politics has become more polarized. We no longer seem to agree on the majority of things & disagree on just a few things. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground at all. You’re either with me on everything or completely against me. I don’t think all the blame lies with the electorate though! A large part comes down to the officials we seem to elect, who fan the flames! If you indulge me for a few minutes I will explain my theory. Nowadays in the US as well in the…

I recently watched an interview with my sister Pooya Mohseni who is an Actor & Trans Activist. As part of a panel one of topics discussed was the importance of support from family in regards to trans & gay children. After the interview was over I started to really examine how in particular I had dealt with supporting my sister in the early days of her transition. The memories are not pleasant & do not cover me in glory.

It was the mid 90’s & I was in my mid-twenties when I found out my sister was trans not really…

Payam Mohseni

I'm a British with Iranian heritage living in the US. Its fair to say I don't stay still for long. A part time dog loving activist living with Grace - Cat/Diva)

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